sfd. einzigartig vielfältig
Ezgi Ucarkus

I worked as a volunteer in a private bilingual school with English and German through sfd. It was an amazing experience for me. With this volunteering project, I had a chance to get to know new cultures, learn foreign languages and meet new people from different countries and cultures all over the world. By attending several seminars at different places, I learnt new things, developed myself personally and had so much fun! And every time I needed support and help during my project, sfd was there to provide everything I needed.

Thanks to sfd, I felt myself home. I still remember those days and there is always a smile on my face every time I think about my experience as a volunteer. I am so glad that sfd provided me that kind of experience. I believe, everybody should have that experience in their lives.

Ezgi Uçarkuş
Ehemalige Freiwillige weltwärts Süd-Nord/Incoming

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